Jump To The Emptiness


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released September 27, 2013

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK : DRAKKEN (facebook oficial)
CONTACT: drakkenband@gmail.com
(+34) 644 317 657

DRAKKEN C 2013 All rights reserved



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DRAKKEN is a Melodic Metalcore band from the Basque Country.
Since they started in 2007 they have published a demo and 2 studio albums:
-ZOLT (2010) LP
They have played thousands of concerts around Spain and France, since live performances are their strong point.
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Track Name: Nobody shall leave

Why don´t you hear me? I´m by your side
And let me tell you that tonight
The moon is rising and you could be
You could be one of us forever

Now I need you to stay by my side
There are rules that must be broken
Well, I need you to save me tonight
Cause I don´t want to stay sober

We could live forever
We won´t be forgotten

This place is burning, look at the crowd
You could be one of us forever

We could live forever
We won´t be forgotten
Until the sunrise
Track Name: Faith is for losers

We rise from the ground
As dead trees, we still wait
For your lies

Where is, (where) where is your helping hand?
Do you deserve to be worshiped once again?
How can you sell us as Martyrs
Those fools who died in vain?

But I can´t blame you for my acts
Cause I know what´s wrong or right
But if you made us as you are
Then you´re evil too

I´ll put my faith in what I know
Under the starlight I´m all alone
Nothing to expect from skies above
My heart will lead me no matter where I go

Could I walk on water
Or would you let me drown?

I´ll put my faith in what I know
I´ll put my faith in me
Track Name: Jump to the emptiness

Look inside those empty walls
My soul awaits, it´s longing for the sun
I need to escape, to break away
Lost within my loneliness
I expect that you will set me free again
Another place, another day
No, no more mistakes
No, no more confusion now

I let my feelings drain my heart
May the ocean, wash away my scars
But today, it´s time to find out what to say
when there´s no preacher to confess my sins

Staring at the stars, I wish I could have learnt
To be the kind of man who understands
That life is overwhelming , No matter what they say
Keep looking for your dreams, They may be true some day
Burning like a flame
This hope will never leave me
Burning like a flame
I jump into the emptiness
Track Name: For the zombies

Somebody told me: son, you have to write a song
A final song
Something stupid, something for the radio
That we could dance

Fuck you, write your own shit
For your bitches, for you zombies

And inside this nightmare, where feeling have no place
I´m still looking for answers

Somebody told me: this is the price to pay
To succeed
This is the style, the music, the fashion you will need
(Follow me)
For the zombies

Pay for the things that will make you so happy
Pay for the lyrics of this song
Pay for the silicon tits of your daughter
But don´t forget they are artificial
Track Name: Deathsongs and machines

Everywhere I can hear the earth screaming
Swallowing, waves of desolation
With all our power we have constructed
Concrete temples for our pride
If there is love, if there is beauty
Let´s get ready to see them die

Hear the sound of my deathsong
And Let her spirit fly
A last chance to embrace a beginning
We are the chosen ones

Don´t let the flame be an illusion
Inside machines and engines without soul
See the poisonous wind kill your future
feel the dark clouds inside your bones
Surf the waves of a new revolution
So that a new life can begin

Cause there´s no hope and there´s no future
In a world so full of pain
Cause we can stop the way we´re living
Cause we can learn from our mistakes
Track Name: One wish
How would it be to live inside a dream
Where everything could be as you want?
Imagine the ones you hate
Begging for a piece of bread
Imagine your deepest hopes
Become real for a while

And I will rule this fucking place
And I´ll be king, and they will prey
To keep me happy everyday

How could you defend this system
That is killing what we are?
Well, Don´t you think they`re gone too far?
How could you defend those people
That are killing what we are?
Well, Don´t you think they`re gone too far?

Look down, just follow the line and don´t think
Look down, just follow the line

In all the coming years after today
Every child will proudly remember
that is enough one wish, to change everything
And you can never take something for granted
Track Name: Make them suffer

Sometimes inspiration finds me when I´m alone
Sometimes I need to keep clam, I need to find my own way
Scream until you destroy everything around
Scream until you make them cry and hit the ground

Some motherfucker wants to see
How we break down
Some motherfucker wants to bleed

This is how we will fall to rise again
This is how we will fall to fight again

We won´t forget the ones who tried to
Betray their words. We won´t forgive them

Just look inside my eyes
Can´t you see the morning light
I was blinded by your colors
But it´s hard to see them now
Track Name: The world needs a riot

I´m so tired of being just a number
They push me from side to side
This modern way of brutality
Is Called civilization

After years of hypocrisy
It´s time to make them pay
Cause they are nothing without us
Let´s make them be afraid

For the ones who fell behind us
For the ones who can´t complain
Raise your voice and stand together
In a fight they cannot win

If this is human
Then treat me like a fucking animal
And make me bleed, and make me feel
That I must burn your empire
cause I learnt from you this violence

Burn, burn down to ashes
The foundations of this lie
burn down to ashes
old ideals that make you slave
Track Name: Separation is everything

Just look around a see what is like
to be trapped here in this deception
I want to see a land where we can rise our children
Without asking if
They will be free tomorrow, if they will live in peace tomorrow
If they will ever feel this pain
If they will live their lives under stranger rules
I want to see the day, when nobody´s afraid
I want to see your smile, I want to separate

When I close my eyes and I look up to the sky
I can see a land that is proud to be alive

Seven lands, one nation
Seven lands as one

It cannot rain forever, we´ll find a new way to escape
We will not wait forever to be free

Whatever you may say, whatever you may speak
There´s no way you can stop this now, my people will be free
Track Name: Shinigami

Do you hear that sound? ,Echoing again
illusions fade away, And they´re calling my name

Would you let me go ,Or would I have a chance
When in front of you, All life disappears

Let me show you/How can things be improved
I could make a better angel out of you

Would you let me go, Or would I have a chance
When in front of you, All life disappears
Would you write my name, or would you let me go
When in front of you all life disappears

They don´t deserve this life
Let me show you this time
I´ll be your guide, let me share this hate

Red apples for the god of death
I try to buy a moment and I swear
That I would give my soul
Before I die